Find yourself working too hard, making money but have more bills than ever and just not enjoying life?

Master your every-day finances—not only having the money for groceries and the mortgage but also vacations and splurges—without crazy sacrifices.

Financial security is attainable with practical techniques and common sense practices. Read how others have done it…

Read Marcia & John C.'s Success Story

Marcia and John were recommended to The Savvy Life by their financial advisor. Both retired, they needed to figure out how to go from a large income to a smaller, fixed income. “We were challenged balancing our desire to travel out of state to spend time with our siblings, children and grandchildren while maintaining our home with significant fixed and …

Marcia & John C.

Read Shauna V.'s Success Story

I found Melissa at the right time in life, and I am grateful for her wisdom and advice. From the first conversation with her, I knew that she was a good fit for advising my husband and I on our financial situation. I appreciate her perspective on money — and on life and living; her methods are helpful for living …

Shauna V.

Read Wing P.'s Success Story

I found myself in a tough place even though I had a great career. I’d gotten divorced and put two amazing kids through school and college. When I looked to the future, it was clear I hadn’t planned as well as I should have. Melissa worked with me to bring things back to basics. First she just listened and understood …

Wing P.

This isn't about saving for retirement.
This is about mastering the routine stuff that affects our life every day.

“The Savvy Life helped me learn how to manage my money, spend smarter, and live a more comfortable life.”

-Sandra Cassandra

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