The Original Savvy Woman

The Original Savvy Woman!

During a radio interview yesterday, I was asked about the savvy lessons I learned from my grandmother. The question was prompted by the fact that I mention her quite a few times in Living The Savvy Life.

Today is her 88th birthday and if I look half as good as she does on my 44th birthday, I’ll be grateful!

Going back to the lessons I learned from her, the list is long, a few of which I’ve included below. Some relate to Savvy Living and others I think are just unique and interesting enough to include.

  • Take care of what you already own to make it last as long as possible. In other words, take care of your cash once it transitions to a possession to make your investment last as long as possible.
  • Always wear a hat outdoors and gloves while gardening.
  • Take care of your complexion. Grams is an avid and lifelong user of Oil of Olay products.
  • Always feed the animals before you eat because they’re not capable of feeding themselves.
  • I learned to cook from both my mom and my grandmother – but Grams taught me the power of pancakes for breakfast!
  • She taught me how to sew and the true meaning of a stitch in time saves nine.
  • Clean up while you cook so you don’t have a big mess waiting for you after the meal.
  • Be kind to everyone. How someone is dressed is no indication of who they truly are.

I am so grateful to have my grandmother in my life and to be able to continue to learn from her. Many of the habits and personality traits I like most about me, stemmed from lessons I learned from her.