The Life You Want Is In The Editing

By Melissa Tosetti

We have more opportunity to Do and Buy than ever before, BUT, we’re drowning in those opportunities!  Amazon boxes piled on our doorstep.  Schedules over-packed by the activities we’ve said “yes” to on top of the things we “have” to do.

Somewhere in that chaos is the life we want to live.  It’s the things that, if purchased, will truly enhance our lives.  It’s the things that, if we do, will give us enjoyment and enrich our lives – create our favorite memories.

From what we purchase to the activities we say yes to, the life we want is in the editing.

The 24 Hour “No” Challenge

If the above resonates with you, consider taking the 24 Hour “No” Challenge.  Over the next 24 hours, what can you say no to that will make life, or even just your day a little better?  What can you decide not to do, buy or what can you let go of?

For example, can you say “no” to:

  • Something you could purchase with just “one click”?
  • Something that caught your attention at the store?
  • Something “customers who bought also bought”?
  • An invitation to an event?
  • An activity you’re already involved in?
  • An activity your kids are involved in?
  • Clutter that’s already in your home?

A few years ago I listened to one of my favorite Tim Ferriss podcasts where he interviewed Derek Sivers.  In that interview Derek introduced a concept he’d been living by which is, if it isn’t a “Hell Yeah” then it’s a “no”.  I fell madly in love with that idea!

In other words, if an event, activity or project isn’t something I’m so excited about that it makes me want to say, “Hell yeah”, then it’s not worth participating in, even more so because it will take time away from me being able to do something else that will be a “Hell Yeah”.

The concept also translates to money.  If we say yes to something that just caught our attention or are not that excited about, it takes that money away from something else that we really want buy.

Take the 24 Hour “No” Challenge and give the Hell Yeah concept a try and let me know how it goes.  The life you really want may be just a few “No’s” away.


 “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michelangelo