The Cash Challenge

When was the last time you used cash to make a purchase?

The advances in banking technology have made our lives so much easier.  But an unfortunate side effect is that it has emotionally distanced us from our money.  It’s so much easier to swipe a card than to physically pull cash out of our wallet.

With this in mind, we challenge you to use only cash when making discretionary purchases for one pay period.

When you receive your next paycheck, start your challenge by figuring out how much discretionary income you have left over after paying all of your bills, filling your gas tank and buying groceries – then withdraw that amount from the bank.

As you go about your days, use only that cash when going to the movies, dining out or purchasing non-necessary items.

Your goal is to still have cash left in your wallet, even if it is just $1.00, when your next paycheck arrives. With the right attitude, this can be a very fun challenge.

Keeping your fun money separate from your regular living expenses is an excellent tool to help you avoid overspending.

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