Shop For Life

Last week I read a quote about clothes shopping that has stuck with me: Shop for life, not an event.

How many times have you gone shopping for an item to wear to a particular event and ended up using it just the one time?

Not only does it feel like a waste of money, but it becomes a waste of space as well as each morning you push it from one side to the next looking in your closet for something to wear.

Part of living a Savvy Life is building a wardrobe made only of clothes that you love and look great on you.  Too often, when we’re focus on purchasing for a single event, and not thinking about how we can use the item in the long run, we make expensive mistakes.

The simplest way to avoid this happening is the minute you get an invitation for an event and feel the need to purchase an item for it, start shopping.  Give yourself plenty of time to find an item that will not only work for the event, but that you can bring into your wardrobe to wear again and again.

I often write about how ridiculously busy we are and how that frenetic pace negatively impacts our finances.  We spend our days and weeks bouncing around like pinballs from one task, to-do and event to the next bleeding money along the way.

Planning ahead and giving yourself plenty of time to shop gives you a greater opportunity to find what you really want and at the price you want to pay.

When it comes to clothes shopping, nothing is worse than spending more money than you want to on something you’re not even that excited about wearing.

Plan ahead and shop for life.