Shauna V.

I found Melissa at the right time in life, and I am grateful for her wisdom and advice. From the first conversation with her, I knew that she was a good fit for advising my husband and I on our financial situation. I appreciate her perspective on money — and on life and living; her methods are helpful for living life, not just for managing finances. For the past four years, I have been the primary provider while my husband was in school for Integrative Medicine. I wasn’t sure we would be able to do it and be smart about it until we met Melissa two years ago. She eased my anxieties about cash flow, she provided a unique (compared to other financial guidance books and personalities) and very refreshing point of view on saving money, and she was/is a fantastic coach and cheerleader. Last year life threw some curveballs at my husband and I, creating some additional and unexpected financial stress and strain, but Melissa’s advice always echoed in my head as we figured out how to adjust our financial situation. Ultimately, she taught us a new way of thinking about money and finances. My husband graduated from school yesterday and I am looking forward to continuing to apply Melissa’s strategies and advice — this time as a double income family! Melissa is now a friend, and we have her to thank for helping us understand how to live a Savvy Life!