Spending Plan Services

Clarity Spending Plan

Some people are already spending less than they make, but may feel uneasy or uncertain. They just need some clarity to see where they stand. The Clarity Spending Plan is designed to provide that insight.

  • We’ll help you formalize your day-to-day money goals then review and organize your spending and expenses.
  • You’ll walk away with a customized Spending Plan.
  • This program typically consists of 1-2 meetings with a Cash Flow Planning Expert.

Price $500

Retirement Spending Plan  

People approaching retirement can greatly benefit from a detailed Spending Plan to ensure they are properly prepared for that change in life. The Savvy Life will prepare that Retirement Spending Plan, looking at pre- and post-retirement income and expected expenses.

  • Together with you, we will create an implementation plan identifying where any behavior and spending changes may be needed to match lifestyle goals with your expected retirement income.
  • You will receive a Spending Plan, and a Spending Report (the user manual to the Spending Plan).
  • This program typically consists of 2-3 meetings with a Cash Flow Planning Expert.
  • This process is especially beneficial for small business owners who have long had their personal and business expenses intermixed.

Price $750

Spending & Implementation Plan  

Do you make a good income but find yourself wondering where it went?  Do you get thrown off when those “surprise” non-monthly bills like car registration, taxes or home repairs pop up?  Do you find yourself putting vacations and dream purchases on credit cards then carrying those balances for months?  Do you want to put more toward retirement?  The Spending & Implementation Plan can get you on the right track.

  • This program starts with an Introductory Meeting to learn about your goals, assess your situation and get an understanding for your day-to-day money habits.
  • During the Expense Review meeting we assess your income and expenses identifying financial leaks as well as looking for ways to streamline your spending. It is during this meeting that we create a Spending Plan for where you want your money to go over the next 6 – 12 months.
  • During the Plan Implementation meeting, we talk out ideas for how to put the Spending Plan into action. We provide individually-tailored education that actually teaches you how to execute your plan. Within one week of this meeting you will receive a copy of your Spending Plan and a Spending Report.
  • Finally, we follow up with a one-month Refinement Meeting to ensure the Plan is working, making any adjustments as needed. A revised Spending Plan and Report is provided if necessary.
  • This program typically consists of 4-5 meetings with a Cash Flow Planning Expert.

Price $1,000

Spending Plan for High Net Worth Clients

Some people have more complicated financial situations; multiple homes, small businesses and unusual income sources and expenses. Preparing a Spending Plan may involve more detailed extraction of information from a large number of account statements and records. Your goals may be intertwined or require more sophisticated time-phasing than “standard” customers. The Savvy Life has worked with clients with multiple seven-figure incomes, so we understand the special attention these clients can require.

  • You will receive a Spending Plan and Spending Report.
  • We provide individually-tailored education for executing the Spending Plan.
  • This program typically consists of more than 5 meetings with a Cash Flow Planning Expert.

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