Pet Project Saved $180

By Melissa Tosetti

When we adopted our new kitten Spartacus in December, one of the first things we wanted to do was get a cat tree for him so he wouldn’t tear up our furniture.  But, when Paul and I went to the pet store, we both laughed – out loud – at the $200+ price tags for the cat scratching products.

Over $200 for a 4×4 and a few pieces of wood covered in carpet?

Paul loves wood working projects so he decided to make one on his own.  Anyone who knows a wood worker knows how expensive those DIY projects can get.  So, I threw down an added challenge… I asked him if he could make it out of the scraps of wood he has from other projects.

Three, mostly enjoyable hours later, the six foot structure was built.  The only thing we didn’t have on hand was carpet.  Paul headed to Home Depot and for $20 was able to purchase enough carpet for the project.

The cat tree is now in place, attached to Dante’s bunk bed.  It not only gives Spartacus a place to sharpen his claws, but also gives him access to Dante’s bed so the two can sleep together at night.

We ended up saving $180 or more on the cat tree.  Paul got to do a fun building project.  The cat has a place to scratch and Dante gets to sleep with his buddy every night.  A worthwhile project!