New Year’s Resolution Success Stories

By Melissa Tosetti

There are two topics we talk about at the beginning of any year: Making Resolutions and Breaking Them. It would seem no one is able to successfully make lasting changes.

But, that’s not true. I work with clients on a daily basis who successfully transform their financial lives.  To honor and celebrate the fact that people do achieve their goals, here are just three success stories of clients I’ve worked with who have experienced lasting results:

  1. Fresno, CA – The busy, working parents of three who, through one keystone habit, managed to save $700 a month on groceries and another $700 by streamlining their spending. These two changes allowed them to climb off the roller coaster of using their credit cards for vacations and the holidays and then scrambling to pay them off the rest of the year.
  1. San Antonio, TX – The million dollar inheritance recipients who burned through half the money in less than a year. With an existing habit of spending more than they earned, they seemed destined to lose it all. By identifying what they truly want to spend their money on, creating a plan and identifying and replacing negative habits, they managed to stay within the plan, sleep better for it, leave the remaining inheritance money with their financial advisor and even start contributing more to their retirement funds.
  1. Charlotte, NC – The “successful” CEO whose expenses kept pace with his income including vacation homes and multiple golf club memberships. After realizing how much of those committed expenses created stress rather than enjoyment, began decluttering his financial life so he could start putting significant money toward his retirement fund.

People can change and they do. In the instance of personal finances, the formula is to uncover what’s most important to them, create a plan to help them achieve it and then, most importantly, teach them the personalized habits and routines they need to live within the plan.