How The Savvy Life Works With Financial Advisors

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The Savvy Life is a day-to-day financial education company. There are three different ways we work as an outside resource for financial advisors:

• Cash Flow Planning – Including training clients how to live within those spending plans.

• Speaking – Topics related to purposeful spending and purposeful living

• Webinars – Individual webinars and a webinar series

Whether we are working one-on-one with a client or giving a presentation, our goal is to teach people how to find more money to build a strong financial foundation while they enjoy the journey.

We work with clients of all different income levels and levels of financial success to help them create a plan for their day-to-day finances that captures as much of their surplus income as possible. We also help them to simplify what has often become a complex system of managing their day-to-day financial life from paying bills to purchasing groceries and clothes.

What we can do for you:

Individual Cash Flow Planning and implementation training increases client stickiness by providing an extra level of service.  We concentrate on clients’ day-to-day financial issues, freeing the advisor to focus on the more long term goals and plans.

Our educational webinars and speaking events are a value-add for existing clients and can serve as a gateway for adding new clients.

Our goal when working with clients is to find more money for their long term goals.  Increasing available funds for you to manage increases your AUM and resulting revenue.

Why you should work with us:

  • We have helped over 525 Cash Flow Planning Clients.
  • We have conducted over 200 in-person Speaking Events.
  • We have run over 200 Educational Webinars.

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Case Studies

Chicory Wealth has been working with the Savvy Life since 2013. Read how they added value by outsourcing Cash flow Planning.

Chicory Wealth & The Savvy Life – Case Study


The Savvy Life has worked with over 525 clients, helping them understand their spending, become cash positive and find the extra money to do the things they want, whether increasing their wealth-building, going on the dream vacation or making that long-planned purchase. Read about some of our favorite success stories.

Client Case Studies – The Savvy Life

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Services for Financial Advisors

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Cash Flow Planning

We work one-on-one with clients to create tailored Spending Plans based on the goals they’ve outlined with their financial advisor.  We also identify what is important to them and what is less important, so they can focus their spending and saving in their day-to-day lives to align with their goals.

But we don’t just give them a Spending Plan and turn them loose. We teach them how to put their Spending Plan into play, from smarter spending on groceries and dining out, to shopping for clothes.  We also work with clients with behavioral issues, helping them replace negative money habits with positive ones.

We’ve worked with a high volume of clients to help them overcome their fear and emotion around money.



Through our work with individual clients crafting Spending Plans and helping them implement those plans, we have learned a great deal about how people think about their day-to-day finances and the emotions tied into money.  The other thing we’ve learned is that money affects everything. That’s why we teach personal finance from a lifestyle perspective, focusing on teaching not just money habits, but smart spending around your Home, Food, Wardrobe,  Travel and Entertainment, because these are the areas where we find that people most often overspend, but with the least amount of satisfaction.

We have incorporated what we’ve learned in our work with clients into in-person speaking engagements, both for clients and advisors. For clients, the presentations focus on the Savvy Money Habits and tools for spending and saving in those principal areas of our lives. These are highly interactive sessions, with substantial Q&A during and after the presentations.

For advisors, we present what we have learned about client behavior, how to navigate through clients’ emotions surrounding money, how to identify and plug financial leaks in a way the client will embrace and how to work together with the client to craft a workable plan that emphasizes the power of purposeful saving and spending.



The Savvy Life produces a series of 7 1-hour webinars that covers the Principles of Living the Savvy Life and tools on how to implement them.

Topics include:

  • Savvy Money Habits
  • Create Your Spending Plan
  • The Savvy Wardrobe
  • Savvy Travel
  • The Savvy Kitchen
  • Savvy Shopping
  • Savvy Holidays

This series builds on itself, starting with teaching foundational money skills and then diving into teaching smarter spending in the areas of our lives where we most often overspend, but with the least amount of satisfaction.

The goal of this series is to help participants increase their quality of life by teaching them to spend more purposefully.

More Information on Services for Financial Advisors

For more information on the services The Savvy Life offers, please contact Melissa Tosetti via e-mail or phone at 650-299-1500