Don’t Just “Save Money”

By Melissa Tosetti

Saving money simply because it’s the right thing to do… for most people… just isn’t motivating.  I’m a personal finance expert and even I find myself unenthusiastic about the idea of saving for the sake of saving.

However, saving for an inspiring goal is a completely different story!

A few years ago, I received this note from one of my clients.


I just wanted you to know that Matt and I have paid off our car and with some help from his father and your amazing Spending Plan, we bought a house in Livermore!!  Thank you so much for changing how I relate to money and helping me reach my goals.

Hugs, Silke

Talk about an inspiring goal!

When working with clients, the first thing we do is have an Introductory Call to give me an opportunity to get a feel for what their day-to-day financial life looks like and most importantly, get a clear idea of what their goals are beyond just building their emergency fund, paying off credit card debt and saving more for retirement.

Goals such as a new home, travel and that dream car are catalysts for putting their Spending Plans into play.  And, because those important, but not quite as motivating goals such as that emergency fund are a part of their Spending Plan… as they work toward the inspiring goals, the other goals get achieved along the way.

Now, my question for you is – what are your motivating goals?  What have you been dreaming about?  If you haven’t been able to make those goals happen, it may be time to put a Spending Plan into play.


Melissa Tosetti is the founder of The Savvy Life and author of the international bestseller Living The Savvy Life. For the past twelve years, she’s worked with over 600 individuals and families to create Spending Plans.

Melissa also works with financial advisors and their clients doing cash flow planning as well as giving over 200 Savvy Living presentations via webinar and in-person to audiences across the U.S.

If you’d like to learn more about how Melissa works with clients visit The Savvy Life’s Services page.

If you’d like to learn more about how Melissa works with financial advisors and their clients visit: The Savvy Life Advisor’s Page