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Melissa Tosetti
Financial Lifestyle Expert
Author, Teacher, Speaker and Founder of The Savvy Life Magazine

Personal finance author, speaker and teacher Melissa Tosetti is the founder of the day-to-day financial education company The Savvy Life and is author of the international best seller, Living the Savvy Life. Melissa’s passion is to help people step off the pendulum that swings from overspending to extreme frugality creating a balanced, fiscally secure lifestyle.

Melissa believes in creating a strong financial foundation through easy to implement habits and routines that make managing your money effortless. From there, she introduces The Savvy Life Philosophy of saving money on the things that are not as important to you so you can afford to spend money on the things that are important to you.

Understanding the fear and emotions surrounding money, Melissa presents her material in a positive, upbeat manner. Her goal is to encourage people for the future rather than making them feel guilty about their past financial decisions and actions.

Melissa is the spokesperson for Quicken 2013.

Her corporate speaking resume includes Charles Schwab, Ameriprise Financial, Edward Jones, Bayer Healthcare LLC, Cisco Systems, Pacific Gas & Electric and International Paper among others.

She has appeared on five episodes of Pocket the Difference on the Fine Living Network, The Real Deal with Jeanette Pavini and on Eye on the Bay. She has been quoted in U.S. News & World Report, TodayShow.com, Chicago Tribune and Detroit News among other publications. She has chaired panels on savvy living at the Professional Businesswomen of California conferences in San Francisco and Sacramento. She also teaches courses on savvy living at Chabot College in Hayward, CA as well as running her own Savvy Living Class Series.

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Praise for Melissa Tosetti

“I want to thank you for presenting last week on my telecast. I can see that your message of getting more from what we have (cashflow) fits well with our financial advisory practices. You could save our clients more money every year and which means they would be keeping more in their portfolios to grow and hedge against inflation. I would love to incorporate your services with mine to enhance the overall client experience.” – R. Quisol, Financial Advisor

“Melissa and I did an Investment Planning seminar together for a large audience with folks from every walk of life. My prospects left our seminar not only more informed but actually inspired – inspired to make smart choices so that they truly achieve the life they really want. With discovering in their life the money they needed to save now, they then came to me to put that money to work for them to access later. Melissa is the key to getting the journey started. She changes lives and gives hope for a bright future by giving people the tools they need to get where they want.” – C. Dykstra, Financial Consultant

“Melissa’s presentation was as entertaining and fun as it was informative. She takes the fear and mundanity out of ‘personal finance’ and shows you a clear path as to how to create a strong financial foundation so you can then focus your spending on what is most important to you.” – Mary Berwyn, Account Manager at Cisco Systems

“I heard you speak at the Ameriprise luncheon last weekend in Roseville and I have been enjoying your book. Today I set up an automatic deposit to my savings account of 10% of my paycheck. Thanks for the encouragement!” – Emily Campbell

“Thank you for the fantastic seminar Living the Savvy Life! I learned so many practical and simple ways to save money and balance my finances. It’s such a nice change to leave a discussion about finances feeling empowered and optimistic.” – Kathy Walsh

“Thanks so much for your practical and sensible approach to the subject. I only wish you could educate the world (ok, maybe just the US of A). It would do a world of good towards improving our country’s money problems.” -Don Shrank, President, Kiwanis Club of Santa Clara

“It was our pleasure to have you as a guest speaker, you did an outstanding job and I received several positive comments after the meeting regarding you presentation.” – Matt Martell, Rotary Club of Foster City

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