Lisa and Ted H.

Lisa and Ted were recommended to The Savvy Life by a financial advisor. Both retired, they needed to figure out how to go from a very large income to a much smaller, fixed income. Through the Savvy Life Makeover Program, we refined each area of their financial life, decreasing their expenses and increasing their quality of life. The program not only helped save them thousands of dollars a year, but put hours back into their week by creating easy to implement systems and routines for managing their household.

“After Melissa’s skilled and caring help, we have a much better idea how to make what we have stretch and last.” – Ted and Lisa H.

Jen H.

I am a single mom who recently experienced a difficult divorce. Melissa helped me think through my new financial situation with clarity and objectivity. I don’t really know if I can put into words what she does, as Melissa provides more than just financial advice; she has a sixth sense about how our emotional state can impact how we view money. Melissa gracefully guides each individual to fully grasp their unique financial situation and to create a realistic plan to achieve their dreams and goals.

Melissa N.

As a 25 year old Emergency/Trauma Nurse, balancing my intense and often tragic career with traveling and vacations is essential to my personal well-being. Trying to manage and organize funds to both “pay the bills” and do the things that enrich my life was entirely confusing and overwhelming for me. Working one-on-one with Melissa Tosetti gave me the confidence and independence to live the meaningful and balanced life I have longed for; it wasn’t about giving myself more limits but reconstructing a plan to give myself more freedom.