Michele E

Michelle E.

Our financial advisor introduced us to Melissa at the Savvy Life.  We were looking for a better way to track our spending and fine tune a savings and retirement plan.    We have 4 kids, two in college so maintaining a clear financial plan is important.

Melissa’s motto is “spendsmart”.  That says it all.  She is so insightful and positive in her approach to “budgeting and saving.”   She made the process, that can be somewhat tiring and painful, an enjoyable experience.  Her attention to detail and putting all the puzzle pieces together is so valuable.  She helped us create a spending plan, not a budget, that supports our life, but helps us save and have better control of our financial future.

We are very grateful to Melissa as she has helped us see the reality of living the retirement we dream of one day.


Shauna V.

I found Melissa at the right time in life, and I am grateful for her wisdom and advice. From the first conversation with her, I knew that she was a good fit for advising my husband and I on our financial situation. I appreciate her perspective on money — and on life and living; her methods are helpful for living life, not just for managing finances. For the past four years, I have been the primary provider while my husband was in school for Integrative Medicine. I wasn’t sure we would be able to do it and be smart about it until we met Melissa two years ago. She eased my anxieties about cash flow, she provided a unique (compared to other financial guidance books and personalities) and very refreshing point of view on saving money, and she was/is a fantastic coach and cheerleader. Last year life threw some curveballs at my husband and I, creating some additional and unexpected financial stress and strain, but Melissa’s advice always echoed in my head as we figured out how to adjust our financial situation. Ultimately, she taught us a new way of thinking about money and finances. My husband graduated from school yesterday and I am looking forward to continuing to apply Melissa’s strategies and advice — this time as a double income family! Melissa is now a friend, and we have her to thank for helping us understand how to live a Savvy Life!

Lynn R.

Melissa Tosetti is a sheer pleasure to work with…smart, savvy(!), committed, excellent with details, and to top it all off, charming and lovely as well… someone who by the end of your work with her, you want to meet and call your friend.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly. If you need someone to help you with budgeting your household expenses, I can’t imagine anyone better than Melissa.  I got in touch with her on advice from my financial advisor before my husband’s retirement.  I was nervous that our new income wouldn’t stretch to cover what I have always thought of as our necessary expenses; not only did she have me set out what we were spending on both necessary and elective expenditures, but she had suggestions as to where we could save. She was absolutely super in every way!!

-Lynn R.

Silke S.

Honestly, being connected with Melissa with The Savvy Life has been a life changing experience for me.  I initially connected with her because I am a Realtor and was getting large sums of money that would disappear without anything to show for it.  I was always good at making money but had no idea on a day to day basis how to account for it.  It seems crazy now, not have a plan for your money, but that was how I lived.

I have been able to accomplish so many things now that I have a household budget.  The ability to pay cash for a car, a down payment on a home and reserves in the bank…are a few.  It was extremely uncomfortable in the beginning to share with Melissa where I was financially but she was able to give me an objective view of my situation and a plan on how to get to where I wanted to be.  The peace of mind and the freedom that I have around money is hard to describe.  Thank you Melissa. – Silke S.

Learn more about working with The Savvy Life by clicking here: The Savvy Life – Spending Plan Services

Marcia & John C.

Marcia and John were recommended to The Savvy Life by their financial advisor. Both retired, they needed to figure out how to go from a large income to a smaller, fixed income.

“We were challenged balancing our desire to travel out of state to spend time with our siblings, children and grandchildren while maintaining our home with significant fixed and unexpected variable costs. Although John had substantial financial experience during his working years, Melissa identified many areas and techniques allowing us to better manage our cash. Her sessions were always positive yet challenging. Her approach and demeanor encouraged us to open up to her and to each other. We still have work to do but now believe we can achieve our goals”

Wing P.

I found myself in a tough place even though I had a great career. I’d gotten divorced and put two amazing kids through school and college. When I looked to the future, it was clear I hadn’t planned as well as I should have.

Melissa worked with me to bring things back to basics. First she just listened and understood my journey and my situation. She never judged and always asked me what I wanted out of my life. She then helped me prioritize what really mattered to me and gave me the tools and support to take control of my budget and my future planning. 

Melissa is more than a coach. She’s a practical financial planner as well as an empathetic listener. She’s encouraging but also clear about what needs to be done. She’s the kind of person one finds in life that you never want to let go of. 

Dawn C. & Sheldon G.

We are a husband and wife living on an island, with all the challenges of making a living in a remote hard-to-get-to location. We had always done our finances separately, and we were struggling to find a combined budgeting system that would give us an accurate representation of our situation and enable us to make a decision about whether we could continue to afford living in our “paradise.” Through Melissa’s coaching (and delightful sense of humor) we set up an accounting system that works much better and we now feel like we have a handle on where all the money goes.

Peter M.

Creating savings and keeping expenses under control is no ordinary task even for a financial professional. Melissa helped me find clarity on my spending habits, prioritize my goals, and spend purposefully. As a result, my savings continue to grow while I fulfill promises I’ve made to my family. Best of all, I feel great about the positive changes I continue to make in my financial life. Thank you Melissa.

Michelle M.

As a single mom with one income, making ends meet each month is an ongoing challenge and stressor. Melissa showed me several creative ways to stretch my budget and taught me how to change my mindset about money. Implementing her simple ideas has helped me maintain the standard of living I desire and deserve!

Debra M.

Debra is a psychologist in Georgia. Her living situation was in the process of changing and she needed to find a new home. She was not only concerned with how much she could afford, she was concerned about the effect her change of situation had on her ability to retire someday. Through the Bridging The Gap Program, we were able to identify how much she could comfortably afford to pay for her new home, which she has since turned into her personal sanctuary. We were also able to identify enough money for her to continue to contribute to her retirement plan without sacrificing her quality of life.

“As a result of my work with Melissa, I have a clear picture of how my money is “coming and going.” And I was able to make an informed and wise decision that allowed me to purchase a condo that I love and can afford.” – Debra M.