Shop Your Bathroom

Shop Your Bathroom

By Melissa Tosetti

It seems to happen overnight.  You open your makeup bag, rummage through it and realize you can’t stand anything in it.  You then have an overwhelming urge to run to the department or drug store to replace everything you own.


Before heading out the door, check your makeup drawer.  It’s likely there are loved, but forgotten items in there just waiting to be used.

You can do the same for shampoo and conditioners.  This is especially helpful when you find you’re not getting the same results from your favorite hair products.  Swap them out for something else you already have on hand.  You’ll be surprised at how often those products you tired of start working beautifully again.

However, if you find they’re not working – get rid of them!  You don’t want to have to go spelunking through a cabinet full of lousy products every time you need to find something.

It’s likely that by rotating through what you already have, you can go months without needing to purchase anything new saving you potentially hundreds of dollars.

You’ll also use what you’ve already invested in so that “money” won’t waste away in your bathroom drawers and cabinets.

One of the keys to living a savvy life is to get the most value out of the items you purchased.  So go shop your bathroom right now and see what forgotten treasures you can find.