Cash Flow Planning

Step 1: Introductory Meeting

Meet with Melissa Tosetti over the phone to tell her about your goals and your day-to-day financial life.

Step 2: Fill out the Income & Expense Worksheet

The  worksheet includes your income, monthly expenses and debt.

Step 3: Income & Expense Review Meeting

During this one and a half hour meeting, you and Melissa will review your Income and Expense Worksheet and discuss ideas to plug your financial leaks and streamline your spending.  The worksheet will be transformed into your Spending Plan – a blueprint for how you want to spend your money over the next 6 – 12 months.

Step 4: Plan Review Meeting

It’s one thing to put numbers on a piece of paper and call it a “budget”.  The real benefit is in figuring out how to live withing the plan which is exactly what happens in this third meeting.

Step 5: Spending Plan and Summary Report

Within a day of your Plan Review Meeting, you will receive a copy of your Spending Plan as well as a Summary Report which includes the ideas discussed in the Plan Review Meeting for how to put the Spending Plan into action.

Step 6: Follow Up Meeting

Approximately 30 days after the Plan Review Meeting, you’ll meet with Melissa to discuss how the plan is going and if needed, make edits to it based on your experience to ensure it is sustainable.