Living The Savvy Life

the-savvy-life-living-the-savvy-life-bookThe savvy woman’s guide to smart spending and rich living. Personal finance from a lifestyle perspective.

Paperback edition. Signed copy.


Savvy Money Starter Kit

Getting your money in order doesn’t have to be an overwhelming or traumatic process. The Savvy Money Starter Kit gets you on track in 7 days or less by sharing step-by-step directions for organizing and streamlining your finances in the simplest, least stressful way.

In just 7 days you’ll have your foundation in place and then you can focus on the fun stuff!

  • Day 1 – Leverage: Define Your Everyday Money Goals
  • Day 2 – Get Organized
  • Day 3 – Define Your Monthly Expenses
  • Day 4 – Plug Your Financial Leaks
  • Day 5 – Cut the Silly Stuff from Your Monthly Expenses
  • Day 6 – Debt Reduction Plan – Fix It and Forget It
  • Day 7 – See Your Spending

Each day’s task takes less than 30 minutes. You will receive emails reminding and encouraging you to get it done. You will also receive follow up emails over the course of the following weeks to keep you on track and ensure your new Savvy Money routines become habits.

The Kit also includes a Bonus section on ways to Make More Money which is especially helpful any time of the year!

The Savvy Money Starter Kit is just $12.95 and ready to download right now.