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Review Your Credit Card Statement PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
One of the most important money saving habits you can adopt is to review your credit card statement each month.  

Back in July, I was charged $95 to renew a subscription for anti-virus protection on a computer I know longer own.  I immediately called the company and asked them to reverse the charge. 

Had I not noticed the charge, I would have blindly paid it, quite possibly for years to come as it was an annual subscription. I can think of many more things I would prefer to spend that $95 on! 

A much more impactful example of how crucial it is to review your credit card statements came at the expense of one of my clients in Virginia.  When we started working together, she discovered that she had been paying $200 a month for a personal trainer that she hadn't seen in two years.  That mistake cost her $4,800!

When your credit card bill arrives, invest the two minutes it takes to review the statement and make sure you're getting billed appropriately.
Back to School Savings - No Kids Required PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti

Just about everyone can benefit from back to school sales.  So, what is out there ripe for the picking?

1. Purchase a year's worth of office supplies for half of what you would pay any other time of year.

2. Check out the juniors department and pick up trendy clothes and accessories to add a little spice to your wardrobe staples.

3. Now is the perfect time to stock up on athletic socks and underwear.

4.Dig past the purple and pink backpacks and you can find sophisticated bags that are worthy of taking to the office.

5. Now is also a great time to pick up a perfect lunch container.  It will inspire you to take your lunch to work – saving you even more!

In an effort to reach out to college students, just about anything that can fit in a dorm room is on sale:
6. Pick up bedding and towels at good prices.

7. Not surprisingly, futons and desks are also on sale.

8. Mini fridges and microwaves won't get much cheaper than they are right now.

9. Storage containers and closet organizers can be found at bargain prices.

10. If you have been waiting for the right time to buy a new computer or laptop, now is that time.

 Just because it is advertised as a back to school sale doesn't mean you have to be enrolled in class to take advantage of the savings!
The More You Own... PDF Print E-mail

When To Buy Used? PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
We all know that on average, new cars lose value 60 seconds after they drive off the lot. According to Edmunds, in that one minute, a $29,873 car drops in value by $2,559.  That's a vacation to Disneyland for a family of four!
But cars aren't the only thing worth buying used.  The San Francisco Chronicle's article 15 Things You're Better Off Buying Used, offers a valuable rule of thumb for used purchases. 
I'm especially a fan of purchasing used... 
  • Kid's Clothes
  • DVDs and Video Games
  • Books 

The article specifies text books, but buying used books overall is my rule of thumb.  I say that even though I'm an author who receives royalties on just the first purchase of Living The Savvy Life

Another item I've become fond of purchasing used is jewelry.  I love antique jewelry and have found gorgeous pieces at antique stores for a fraction of what I can purchase new.  To qualify, I do still buy new pieces if I really fall in love with them, but the hunt for affordable antique items is half the fun! 


First Thing In The Morning PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
On Monday, I posted a Track Your Spending Challenge.  The goal is to track your spending for just one week. 
One of the most important lessons I've learned about tracking my spending is that if I don't do it first thing in the morning, my instinct to procrastinate will kick in and get stronger and stronger as the day goes along. 
So, I track my previous day's spending as soon as I boot up my computer.  It takes me three minutes or less and I'm done for the day.
Try putting a note next to your computer to remind you to do it first thing tomorrow morning and see how good it feels to get it done and get on with your day.
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