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Before You Buy More Clothes... PDF Print E-mail

Often, we think we need to buy more clothes when in reality, we need to clean out our closets so we can see what we already have and love.

Money Saving Laundry Habit PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
One of my favorite lessons that I learned from Flylady.net is the habit of doing just one load of laundry a day - replacing the marathon laundry habit that previously took up our weekends.
Another trick she teaches is to run the washing machine in the evening and then put your clothes in the dryer the next morning.  If you can pop them in the dryer prior to jumping in the shower, depending on your morning routine, the clothes might just be done before you're ready to leave for work. If you can find just five minutes in the morning to put them away before heading out the door, how great will that feel?  Knocking out a crucial housekeeping task before clocking in at work.
Many utility companies will give you a discount for using appliances before or after peak hours. By running your washing machine after 8:00 pm and then putting your clothes in the dryer the next morning, you can shave quite a bit off of your utility bill. 
Just how much?  This blurb from Portland General Electric's website answers the question:
A typical family of three uses about 80 kWh per month for electric clothes drying. Under PGE’s Time of Use option,on-peak usage for this period would equal $10.61. Mid-peak usage would equal $6.00, and off-peak would result in a cost of $3.54.
By simply drying your clothes at off-peak times, you can save $7.07 per month.  That's just for your dryer.  It doesn't include your washing machine which will likely save you an additional $7.07 per month.  Take it a step further and also run your dishwasher during off peak hours saving another $7.07 per month.  That's $21.21 per month saved and potentially $254.52 per year. 
I imagine you can think of far more fun things to spend $254.52 on than your utility bill.


Building a Savvy Wardrobe PDF Print E-mail
Introduction by Melissa Tosetti
Our closets can be a maelstrom of physical and emotional stress.  It’s common for them to burst with regret-purchases, clothes that no longer fit but you’re unwilling to part with and wardrobe orphans that don't go with anything else you own.
The average woman wears 20% of her wardrobe 80% of the time.  That means 80% of her clothes are just taking up space, many of those items never worn with the tags still on them.  In the U.S., it's common to shop for the sake of shopping instead of shopping with a purpose.  We purchase clothes at random hoping the next item will magically pull our entire wardrobe together.
Alison Gary is the founder of Wardrobe Oxygen and a frequent contributor to The Savvy Life.  We asked her to pull together a list of wardrobe staples – items worthy of investing in because they will get plenty of wear and complete your wardrobe.  Although everyone’s wardrobe needs are different, the items on her staples list will work with just about everyone’s lifestyle.
Once you have a closet filled with basics, it's much easier to purchase pieces that you can mix and match with what you already own.
Part of living a savvy life is about creating a wardrobe made entirely of clothes that fit and look great on you.  By following Alison’s list and focusing your spending on the basics first – you'll be able to quickly, affordably and efficiently build your own savvy wardrobe! 
Click here to read Alison's 10 Must Have Wardrobe Staples
Shop Your Closet First PDF Print E-mail
By Melissa Tosetti
When it comes to clothes, it is so easy to get into a rut as you find yourself wearing the same outfits again and again.  

When we fall into this routine, we get the urge to go out and buy more clothes.  But, before heading to the mall, take just 10 minutes to shop your closet first. 

Ideally, this will be during a time when you're not in a hurry to get dressed and get to work.  One of the reasons we wear the same things over and over is that we're in the habit of wearing those items and because we're always in a hurry, they're easy to just grab and go.  

Pull out a pair of pants and set them on your bed.  Then see what you have in your closet that might go with those pants.  Even if you don't think the two items will go well together, try them on anyway.  You might be surprised.
In addition to putting different tops and bottoms together, another quick tip for creating new outfits is to layer your tops.  A colorful tank top beneath a button up shirt can add “pop” to an otherwise ho-hum ensemble.

In addition to trying new clothing combinations, consider going through the same process with your accessories.  Try adding a scarf to a particular outfit or a different necklace than what you normally wear with another. 
It's possible that you have two or three "new" outfits already in your closet that just need to be put together.
The idea is to get out of the routine of wearing the same things again and again. 
If you’re really struggling, it’s worth asking a friend to come over and help.  A fresh set of eyes on your existing wardrobe might be exactly what you need to breathe new life into it. 
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