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Friday, 22 February 2013 15:50
By Melissa Tosetti
Awhile back, I spoke at an author’s conference in Las Vegas and had the pleasure of meeting Laura Steward Atchinson. She was there shopping her manuscript.
Laura and I hit it off immediately. When she told me a little about her manuscript and that the title was What Would a Wise Woman Do, I shared with her a technique I had developed over the last ten years. 
You see, my mom is one of the wisest, savviest women I know. She is a natural problem solver – what others struggle with, she is able to solve easily and immediately. Instead of constantly picking up the phone and asking her advice, I started to ask myself, “What would Mom do?” It is amazing that by putting myself in her shoes, how I analyzed the situation differently. The technique almost always works and I am able to find solutions for previously monumental problems.  
Laura said that the process of "questioning", was a big focus for her book and she got a kick out of how I role played when implementing the technique in my own life. 
Laura was able to find a publisher and her book is now on bookshelves. It is incredibly well written and provides one "Ah-Ha" moment after another.  
Every day we are faced with a barrage of decisions that need to be made. Some are big, some are small, but all impact the outcome of our life.  As Laura points out in her book, without realizing it, we reach a point of Decision Fatigue and begin to make those decisions on auto-pilot. We don't fully think through the decision or the outcome it may have - we just make it so we can move on to the next decision.  This can be especially devestating when it comes to your finances. 
This autopilot way of decision making produces an autopilot life, because you aren't actually driving!
Laura's book helps take you off of autopilot and shows you how to re-engage into your own life. It shows you how to ask the right questions that will ultimately guide you to the life you want to live!
If you’ve found yourself on auto-pilot recently, I highly recommend picking up a copy of What Would a Wise Woman Do.  It's available on Amazon as well as in Barnes and Noble.
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