Adding Hours To Your Holiday Weekend

There are only a few days before one of the most anticipated holiday weekends of the year – 4th of July!

Give yourself an opportunity to get the maximum benefit from your three days off by taking care of those not-so-fun errands during the week.

A few of the to-dos you can knock out before Saturday include:

  • Buy your weekend groceries.
  • Go to the nursery or hardware store for those outdoor projects your planning to do.
  • Shop now for something to wear to Monday’s celebration instead of on Saturday morning, when everyone else is shopping too.

By swinging by the stores on your way home from work over the next few days, you can add hours back into your weekend.

Just remember to make a list and check it twice before heading out the door.  Nothing’s more infuriating than having to go to the same store twice simply because you forgot one, much-needed item.