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5 Insightful and Inspiring Articles on Spending

By Melissa Tosetti

Over the last few weeks I’ve happily stumbled on several articles related to smart spending that were worth sharing. I hope you find them as inspiring as I did.


Lifestyles of the Rich & Frugal 

By Budgets Are Sexy

I love reading about others’ smart money habits and this article features a role model for Savvy Living!  Although I’d say the doctor featured in this story isn’t frugal, as the title states, so much as he and his family are purposeful.


I Cut 5 Spending Habits for 30 Days… And This Is What Happened

By The Every Girl

A very frank, and funny account of a self-confessed spender taking control of her spending habits. She hits all the usual spending suspects – coffee, dining out, but #4 is particularly worth noting. One of the things I especially adored about this piece is the unexpected perk of anticipation and enjoyment when she and her husband streamlined their spending on dining out.


The More of Less – Book Review

By The Minimalist Plate

A topic that comes up regularly when I’m talking with clients is clutter. We’re suffocated by the very things we’re running out to purchase.  What I loved about the book and review’s message is that there is more to be had in owning less.


7 Quick Ways to Create Better Spending Habits

By Every Dollar

Our lives are dictated by our habits – positive or negative.  With that in mind, I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve my own habits and to pass those ideas on to my clients. This article is especially worth reading for habits #3 and #5.


The Best and Worst Things to Buy in August 2017

By Money Talks News

One of the aspects of living a Savvy Life is that when you do decide to make a purchase, to time it with seasonal sales.  This article outlines what’s worth picking up this month and what to leave at the stores.